Monday, April 22, 2013

Welcome to Learning Through Gaming

Learning Through Gaming is a blog dedicated to the examination of the digital game-based learning trend in online and virtual education. An intersection has emerged between recent higher-ed disruptors such as MOOCs, OERs, Learning Analytics, Ed-Tech, Mobile-Tech, Simulations, Digital Games, Augmented Reality, Alternate Reality, and Virtual Worlds. This emergent intersection calls for a re-imagining of how a synthesis of disruptors could reshape the future of education to one customized to enhance the individual learner experience.

Rather than think of disruptive technology as a threat to existing institutions, we should think of disruptive technology as a way to challenge the education "factory" model so to generate more meaningful and creative ones that help learners achieve their own educational goals.

As a professor of Philosophy, Rhetoric, and Composition, I feel fortunate to be alive in a time of great and rapid changes in education, and I believe that the reshaping of the future of education requires one (the educator) to become the "game-changer."  My solution as the game-changer? To merge digital game-based learning, MOOCs, and my own disciplinary background to offer a new learning experience. gMOOC is the term I give to that emergent intersection. Watch this space for more of my many thoughts on gMOOCs and game studies.

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